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Trouble on Memory Lane
In 2004, at the age of 65, singer/songwriter Claude Diamond released his debut album Diamond
on the Vettset label. Now he has released his second album, Highway of Life. The new
album includes eleven original Americana/Roots songs that are a diverse mix of musical styles
including bluegrass, Cajun, blues and country. In the manner of Billy Joe Shaver and John
Prine, he writes and sings about the realities of life using both humor and sadness to tell his
unique stories. Claude writes and performs music you wish you could hear on mainstream radio
- but can't. If you are looking for some great original stories written in a fresh style, you will
love this album! Some are funny, some are sad and all are a pleasure to hear. Once you start
listening, you will keep riding until the highway ends.
When Claude started college, he met John
Whitt and Dewey Kilgore and formed a band
The Ones. They played a variety of
venues from honky tonks to churches.
John Whitt, on the right, and Claude
looking tough at college.
The Ones on stage in the
fifties. Dewey is out front,
Whitt is on drums and Claude
is in the back dressed as a
Cuban Maraca player.
The Ones at the 2006 Western
Artist Awards meet Lacy J.
Dalton. Pictured from the left are
Dewey Kilgore, Claude, Lacy J.
Dalton and John Whitt.
Claude Diamond
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